Vitisasia is involved in managing a portfolio of fine wines through Wine Legends I, L.P., the fund managed by Vitis Captial Managment, providing an excellent platform for investors to make wine investments. 


Why Invest in Fine wines?

  • wine investment has offered steady and substantial returns to its investors in the last 15 years (an anverage of almost 15% per annum)

  • wine demand from emerging markets (notably China ) is expected to be the driver for global wine growth

  • wines has fixed production and decreasing supply

Why Wine Legends I, L.P.?

  • Wine Legends I, L.P. has developed valuable relationships with key actors including merchants, brokers and producers

  • Wine Legends I, L.P. has a straight forward structure with a single portfolio

  • Wine Legends I, L.P. is asociated with wine experts, Colin Hancock (oenologist based in Bordeaux)

  • investors can gain exposure to fine wines wihtout having to worry about which wines to buy, where should they be stored and what price to pay

  • investors will be offered additional benefits such as the opportunity to participate in fine wine and gstronomy events

Benefits To Our Investors

To enhance the lifestyle of investors of Wine Legends I, L.P., Visisasia aims to cevelop benefits such as:

  •  assisting in and developing partnerships to facilitate the sourcing of wines for private consumption   •  offering tickets or discounts to wine and gastronomy events organised by Vitisasisa

  •  organising wine tasting events

  •  present special offers associated with wine and gastronomy products


Visitasia, in association with Nabuchodonosor, organises exclusive events in Asia every year; including events where a tasting of the finest World Champagne is hosted, followed by a gala dinner with a Champagne-paired menu and fine red wine. Representatives from the Champagne houses join dinner guests and showcase the Champagne and wine served.