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Vitisasia, fine dinning, fine wine

Since 2011, Vitisasia has been creating memorable events with premium wines, top chefs and beautiful venues in Asia.  

Vitisasia was originally created by Ludovic Tendron and Kevin Cheng who share a passion for fine wine and cuisine.  Vitisasia is passionate about providing a remarkable experience that raises the senses and to allow one to savour the moment.

Vitisasia  gather wine and gastronomy lovers, but also provides an ideal platform for  entertain partners and VIP guests. It is our aim to deliver the best in quality and your satisfaction.

Vitisasia, Ludovic Tendron, fine dining Asia, fine wine

(left to right) Kevin Cheng, Ludovic Tendron, Frédéric Rouzaud (CEO of Roederer, Guy Savoy (3 Michelin-starred chef), Collin Hancock (Nabuchodonosor)

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